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Welcome to Zoobears Medical ID

Your online Medical Store by James Engraved Jewelry, LLC.
We offer FREE ENGRAVING with our Medical Jewelry.

Medical Alert Id Jewelry, Medical Alert Id Bracelets, Medical Id Sports Bands, Medical Alert Charms, Medical Id Plates.
Medical Id's For your Precious Child. Children, Infants, Toddlers
Kids of all ages!

Childrens FUN Medical IDs
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The FUN Place To Shop for Children's Medical Id's offering

Medical Alert Id Sports Bands and Our Beaded Medical Id Bracelets

Now Offered in Free Black Laser Engraving!

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 Infant & Toddler Medical ids     Girls beaded Medical ids          Boys Beaded Medical Ids

ZooBears Medical id specializes in kids medical id's, Childrens Medical alert id bracelets, medical id alert, custom beaded medical id  from infants, toddlers to children of all ages. We offer custom engraved medical alert id's that are fun, stylish, fashionable, creative, unique and simple for your child . Quality Medical id jewelry that your boy or girl will enjoy and have fun wearing!

ZooAnimals Beaded Bracelets     Girls Beaded Medical ids        Boys Beaded Medical Ids

ZooBears Has put together a fun and stylish special collection of custom beaded medical id alert bracelets for you children! We have Zoobears favorite collection of his zoo animal friends beaded medical bracelets which comes with a cool stuffed animal with each medical bracelet. Your girls will love our Beautiful butterfly collection of beaded medical id bracelets and for your boys, zoobear has put together fun sports beaded medical id bracelets. If your child likes football, soccer, baseball take a look at our custom sports medical id's for boys collection!

ZooBears Medical Id uses only the finest materials for your children, sterling silver, surgical stainless steel,  swarovski crystals. Our beaded medical id bracelets are custom made to fit your child or toddler and our medical id alert bracelets are interchangeable!  We also carry medical id's for your infant baby!

Girls Stainless Medical Ids      Medical id Sports Bands         Medical id Alert Dog Tags

Selection of Medical id's for your children include: Medical id bracelet, Medical alert id jewelry, medical dog tags, medical id necklaces, medical alert zipper pulls for your kids, toddlers and infants, custom beaded medical bracelets,  medical slider sports bands,  medical id watches in cool neon colors,  medical id charm bracelets for girls, medical shoe tags for toddlers, medical tags, plates and plaques for your medical bracelets and sport bands.

    Medical id Shoe Tags         Stainless Steel Medical Ids     Birthstone Medical Bracelets

Medical id's for your children come in stainless steel, surgical stainless steel, sterling silver, gold filled, sports bands are waterproof and our surgical stainless steel is made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel which is hypoallergenic and non-corrosive!

       Leather Medical ids        Medical Alert ZipperPulls      Pearl Medical id Bracelets

For boys and girls who do not like to wear the classic medical id bracelet Zoobears medical id has large selection of medical necklaces, dog tag and our leather medical id bands and medical sports bands are popular among children and kids of all ages.

   Medical id Charms            Childs Medical Watch         Medical id Tags/ Plaques


Medical Id Necklaces     Extra Beaded Bracelets        Extra Sports Bands

Why should your child wear a medical id? It is so very important to provided your child's medical information in case of a medical emergency. If your child is in school, daycare, babysitter or playing with friends and you aren't around and if your child is unable, paramedic's and doctors need to know their medical information. Having your boy or girls important medical information could save their life!

  Allergies Medical Ids       Asthma Medical Ids      Autism Medical ids

Zoobears Medical Id carries pre-engraved medical alert id's, medical id alert bracelets, medical id alert sports bands, medical id dog tags, leather medical id alert bands, stainless steel medical ids for young children, kids and toddlers who have special medical conditions. Pre-engraved allergy medical id if your child has food allergies, nut allergies, milk or medication allergies. Pre-engraved asthma medical id's and children with autism. Just
Click on the Duck!

 Diabetes Medical Ids           Epilepsy medical Ids

    Pre-Engraved medical alert id's for children with diabetes and medical alert id's for children with epilepsy. Just click on the Ducks!

 Your children should wear a medical Id if your child suffers from a medical condition listed below. If your are  unsure please ask your childs doctor or physician.

A few medical conditions are:

Epilepsy, Diabetes, Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Peanut Allergies, Allergic to Nuts, Penicillin Allergy, Allergies, Food Allergies, Drug Allergies, medication allergies, Asthma, ADHD, ADD, Seizure Disorders, Lymphoma, Milk Allergies, Bleeding Disorders, Taking Coumadin, Autism, dwarfism, Insulin Dependent, special needs,  daily medications, migraines, requires  Epipen, epi-pen, epi pen JR, other medical conditons.

 Zoobears Medical ID carries diabetes medical id for children, autism medical ids, children allergy medical bracelets, medical id bracelets for Epilepsy and other special needs medical id jewelry.


Medical Alert Id Sports Bands / Girls Beaded Medical Alert Id Bracelets / Boys Beaded Medical Alert Id Bracelets / Beaded Medical Alert Bracelets / Infant Medical Alert Ids / Toddler Medical Alert Ids / Medical ID Alert Dog Tags / Pearl Medical Alert  Bracelets / Medical Id ZipperPulls / Extra Medical Alert  Id Bracelets / Extra Sports Bands / Medical Alert Id Shoe Tags / Leather Medical Id / Stainless Steel Medical Ids / Sterling Silver Medical Ids/ Medical ID Alert Necklace /Medical Alert Charms / Medical Tags Plaques / Allergy Medical Ids / Diabetes Medical Ids / Autism Medical Ids / Epilepsy Medical Ids / Asthma Medical Ids

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